Editorial Page

It is with some interest that we observe local media events over the past few months in Boundary County. Unfortunately, the local television broadcast studio was abruptly shut due to irregularities in funding allocations at the Translator District. Local news site newsbf.com has also been subject to irregular operation, due to internal staff conflicts.

Meanwhile, at Boundary County Community Television we are fortunate to be on our way to airing both local radio and eventually television broadcasts. Progress will depend largely on available funding and available volunteer manpower, however, we are optimistic about both of those resources, as there is ample enthusiasm among the local population.

Expect KAXY-FM 98.3 to resume transmissions from our location in Naples, on May 26th and continuously thereafter. Coverage will not be full until we relocate to Black Mountain this summer, however, in the meanwhile we will implement an audio stream from bonnersferrynews.com, as we secure our basic funding requirements.

We are looking forward to serving Boundary County with local radio and television broadcasts in the coming months. Thanks for your support!