From the Editor – Feb 10. 2010

Our Inaugural Edition of FlatLander News Magazine and Program Guide

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the Boundary County Community Television Program Guide. This is an exciting time to be here in Boundary County. 21st century technology is revolutionizing the broadcast industry and as a result the economics of small market television have improved markedly. It is now possible for a small-market local television station to reach 70%-80% market penetration, an objective which would have been laughable less than a year ago.

Join Us At Boundary County Community Television

So we hope you will join us as we move forward with plans not only to produce and broadcast as much local content as we possibly can, but also, as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, to actively pursue our goal of providing education, training, and volunteer opportunities to the local community which would not otherwise be available.
There will be many opportunities, the first of which will arrive in the first week of March – our first Seminar, “Introduction to 21st Century Television Broadcasting” will be conducted. In it, we will outline our vision for Television Broadcasting in Boundary County in light of the technological revolution currently underway. Date and time will be announced shortly, watch for it in a future edition of this newsletter or online at

Thank you,

Roger W. Fraser
Executive Director