Boundary County Translator District Agenda May 16, 2017 Attached

Attached is the Agenda of the Boundary County Translator District meeting May 16, 2017.

Meeting highlights:

  • local television station will remain off-air for the foreseeable future, as the Board determines affordability and takes public comment.  Public comments were taken at this Board meeting as summarized below and will be taken at the next meeting also.
  • public comments were made by Mr. Carpenter of the High School who spoke very positively of his students’ experience at the TV Station and by Mr Jerry Higgs of Bonners Ferry who stated that Translator District expenses pertaining to the operation of the TV station over a 19 month period added up to $295,000.  Mr Higgs expressed concern over the sustainability of that level of expenditure and the Board indicated that future discussions would focus on determining how much money would be available from the Translator District budget.
  • other Board business included a discussion of UTV usage by Contractors as well as approval of our own application to broadcast LPFM Radio from Black Mountain.