Boundary County Original Recording Artist Quartermoon Releases Promotional Videos on YouTube


Quartermoon Announces Video Release on YouTube

Quartermoon Announcements Imminent

Quartermoon, Bonners Ferry-based original recording artists, have released 9 new promotional videos on rogeridaho’s YouTube Channel.  The videos were taped at Quartermoon’s recent Independence Day Celebration at Boundary County fairgrounds in Bonners Ferry and feature several original songs as well as The Star Spangled Banner and America The Beautiful.  The videos can be found here:

Playlist of all videos:



Gone Again




One Day At A Time


In Your Town


America The Beautiful


Star Spangled Banner




Band members felt the time was right to begin a more aggressive promotional effort for the band, who have been together since 2010.  Quartermoon has already released a CD (2012′s In The Mirror) and felt that they needed to move forward with additional promotion as they begin preparations for more original recordings and possible video production.

Quartermoon’s newest member, Vocalist Roger Idaho explains: “It’s time to get the videos out in the public eye to bring attention to the band and our music as well as to establish our internet presence in preparation for future releases.  We hope people will enjoy the videos which are intentionally brief.  Internet attention spans are really short – it’s best to give people a small taste of what you have to offer and a way to locate more if they so desire.  We have included relevant links in the About section for each video so viewers can find out as much about the band and its music as they like.”