Boundary County PIOs Appointed















For Immediate Release


The Boundary County Commissioners and The Office OF Emergency Management have authorized the operational use of two Public Information Officers.


The Public Information Officers will be responsible for the dissemination of information and news within Boundary County at all times including during any emergencies. The two PIO’s will bring the activities within the County to the public in a timely manner with accurate information establishing a record of information and a needed link to the public.


Michael Meier and David Sims of Boundary County have been selected as PIO’s and will share the duties as needed.  Mr. Meier has completed his training and Mr. Sims will be attending classes soon. With two trained and appointed PIO’s the county will always have someone available.  Mike Weland the past PIO when he worked for the County is also a resource.


Both PIO’s have experience in Boundary County, relationships with the media and reside within the area giving the local feel and needed personal touch which can benefit our community.  Knowing the community, the people and the history gives the PIO the knowledge to perform all duties specific to our area.


It is our hope that the PIO program will enhance the flow of accurate information to the public and increase the awareness of our citizens.