Libby Dam Flow Update Wednesday, July 03, 2013 11:00 AM


Current Koocanusa Reservoir elevation: 2457.3 feet Current Koocanusa Reservoir inflow: ~40 kcfs Current Libby Dam outflow: 30 kcfs Bonners Ferry Elevation: 1758.7 feet

Due to intense heat throughout the basin, snowmelt has held inflow into Libby Dam at a high level.    In order to control refill, discharge is being increased this morning from 30 kcfs to 35 kcfs.

Kootenay Lake is seasonally low, and the stage at Bonners Ferry is expected to stay several feet below flood stage.  Discharge will continue at elevated levels until flows to Koocanusa Reservoir have dropped and we are able to pass inflow.

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