Local Crew Rises to the Challenge of Delivering Safe and Exciting 4th of July Fireworks Display


With memories of the great July 4th fireworks show still fresh, we thought it might be nice to introduce the people responsible for making it happen, so we visited with them for just a few minutes prior to showtime.  

As you might imagine, they are a dedicated crew, giving up their fourth of July celebration each year,  in some cases for decades, and subjecting themselves to hazardous and demanding working conditions just so the rest of us can celebrate.

Crew Leader Garhart Redl is a great example.  An ordinary workingman by day, Garhart takes time off from his personal life to make sure the Bonners Ferry fireworks show goes off without a hitch.  This year was a particularly challenging situation as high winds and a sprinkling of rain combined to work against the crew.  

“Our test shot showed the wind coming in from the NorthEast so we planned for that.  But just a few minutes later, when we started the show, it had shifted and was heading due South. “  This caused a bunch of havoc on the ground, forcing the crew to adjust on the fly, changing the program plan even as they were executing it.

“It’s not an easy thing to give the command to shut down one  of the trailers and move the whole show to the other one, but it was necessary for safety of the crew and the public.  We had our tubes glowing and when that happens, the shells won‘t fit properly.  We don‘t need any hang fire happening. ”  Hang fire is the term used for a firework that detonates too low, jeopardizing the safety of the crew and spectators.  Adjustments were made and the show when on without a major incident.  

It was a challenging evening for the fireworks crew, and for us spectators, a great show.  We’re looking forward to another one next year!  Thanks Mountain West Bank!