Amateur Radio Week June 16-23


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Amateur Radio Week June 16-23

Field Day June 22-23, 2013


Amateur Radio is alive and well during Amateur Radio Week.  Field Day is a celebration of our ability to talk to the world via radio and takes place during Amateur Radio Week.  Testing our emergency communication skills, Field Day is only a part of Amateur Radio Week, an annual event which is a Proclamation by most State Governors including Butch Otter.


It is a celebration of what we do best, a time when Amateur Operators visit other stations, operate in remote locations, travel to swap meets and conventions.  It is a time to just be a Ham Radio Operator as they call us.


During Field Day all Amateur Operators take to the field and set up a radio station including power, antennas and operating position.  These stations may include more than one operator or more than one station at a location.


The stations are active for 24 hours to test the ability to communicate.  Most stations try to contact as many other Amateur Operators, Hams for short as possible during this exercise.  Points are given for various conditions met at the individual stations.


Amateur Radio is key in providing emergency communications when disaster strikes.  When Hurricane Katrina and Sandy struck the Hams were there to assist as they could, with equipment that worked.  In recent times an alliance with the Emergency Managers in each County has created a significant backup system for any regional or national emergency.


To visit a Field Day Station visit the ARRL Field Day Locator to find a station near you.  Hams love to show off their stuff and educate the public on the abilities and operation of Amateur Radio.


Please see the attached local Field Day Release from the KARS, Kootenai Amateur Radio Society which gives local contacts and mapping to their location.


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